Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Real World Applications of Sine and Cosine wave applications

Sine and Cosine can be used in everyday life in various ways. Many compression algorithms like JPEG use fourier transforms that rely on sin and cos. Surveying, navagation, and astronomy all rely on sin and cos for the position of objects and other calculations.Music is composed of waves of different frequencies and amplitudes and these can be described using sin/cos. in fact anything involving sound waves will rely on sine and cosine. Ballistic trajectories rely on sin/cos. in physics, sin.cos is used often. Satellites and space flights relies on calculations and conversions to polar coordinates.Gps and cellphones rely on triangulation and formulas involving sin/cos. Signal transmissions involve waves described with sin/cos. Thermal analysis is used to model how things get hot e.g oven,spacecraft. this equation is usually solved using sums of sin and cosine. Also evaporation and [recipitation averages incorporate sin and cosine. Many other means of science/math in the real world incorparate sin/cos in some shape or form. Real life applications of sine and cosine applications/functions

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